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Super cheapo springer pistols for the time being. If I like the AEG enough, then I'll buy a genuine gas powered pistol. I think I can survive the $40 hit.

God forbid I buy anything from Walmart, though.

Regardless, I suppose I still have to go and get verified sometime this week if possible and take a look at the classifieds.

Oh, and, once more, thanks to all.

Edit: So, after browsing about reviews for a while I stumbled across the retailers section of the forums. Wandered into 007 Airsoft, which apparently is a big name for Canadian airsoft... though one notes that all of their TM and CA gear is considered "Not For Civilian." Does this mean these AEGs would only be available through the classifieds, then, or is that just retailer policy? Because I can't find any other retailers who sell TM or CA, though it's late and I'm undoubtedly very disoriented in my stupor.

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