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Originally Posted by Ashton View Post
Might pitch in $40 to get a cheap spring action pistol, though, just to bide the time between now and when I receive the AEG.

Also, can someone introduce me to jargon here: what is clearsoft? I'm assuming it has to do with the clear bodies of some of the rifles.

Which leads to another question: are all rifles imported into Canada made of the clear plastic, or is it possible to get ones that are actually a solid black?
Super cheapo springer pistols work decent enough as a back up, just realise you get what you pay for when you try to shoot and the gun falls apart there's a Wal Mart (Crossman?) shotty that a few people use. Its cheap, but it'll serve you well enough as a back up.

Clearsoft, yeah, clear and tinted lower receivers (lower? Upper? It's late...) clear and tinted plastic bodies.

It is possible to get black bodied weapons, but not from out of country anymore... well... legally.
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