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Heh, apparently I've started a debate.

I'll be pooling my resources together for the AEG first, obviously. Right now it's tempting to get the CA M15A4 RIS, if I can find it on this website. I need to get age verified first, I suppose. Such are the woes of living in a town like Nanaimo, though. I'll definitely keep the JG HK416 in mind, though, but after reading the review posted on this site I should be able to get either model at equivalent cost. Once I have the peripherals for that (thus satisfying my overwhelming desire to have a RDS), I can buy other equipment.

I guess I'll see how terrifying prices are when I finally take a gander in the classifieds.

Might pitch in $40 to get a cheap spring action pistol, though, just to bide the time between now and when I receive the AEG.

Also, can someone introduce me to jargon here: what is clearsoft? I'm assuming it has to do with the clear bodies of some of the rifles.

Which leads to another question: are all rifles imported into Canada made of the clear plastic, or is it possible to get ones that are actually a solid black?
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