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Okay maybe "training scars" is bullshit :P

And no - a TM gun will not need maintenance. When I got into airsoft I didn't really know anyone else in the city. If my gun broke I was dead in the water. Once at a game my motor height had to be adjusted.

What turned out to be a piece of grass in the selector eventually put her out of commision last summer. This after three years. Buy a large battery high quality gun and you're laughing.

But really, there is no "one way" to go about doing things. So...just say "eff it I'll do it live". Read some reviews, order a gun, see how it works out.
Some people have TM die on them. Some people own PTWs which die on them in the rain.

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Okay, I recently went to art show. One of exhibit had huge panoramic canvas pictures of landscape photos taken with a digital camera. These pictures were nice and huge. The canvas was attached to a wooden stretcher frame for direct hanging on a wall without need for a frame. Do you know any more on this subject? Where can I go for additional information on this subject?
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