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Originally Posted by Cheesevillage View Post

Seriously - they're cool. An awesome training tool. BUT they put a huge drain on funds which should be going to the primary. Lets put it this way - if you have the chance to buy a TM M14 or a JG m4 and KSC m9 - buy the m14 !!!!!!

This is about spending less time fixing your gun and more time playing the game.
Also, starting out with a pistol might cause some "training scars*" - dependency on that thing is no good.

* Yes I have been watching the magpul dynamics videos
Having a sidearm whether it be a small full auto gun or pistol adds a different twist to the game. As for training scars? What training scars, I started out with a pistol and it was the most exhilarating feeling yet but thats because there are a lot of indoor venues and CQB games in my area.

If you have a lot of outdoor games then definitely that AEG is going to work well. But going in with no secondary or sidearm back up gun you may find yourself in a bind if your primary dies.

Also less time fixing your gun and more time playing? Are you saying fixing your sidearm or pistol? or AEG both require a certain amount of fixture time.
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