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Gas Operated pistols are the best as they have more fire power and operate better.

There are electric pistols but they are quite weak and there are not many good models in electric form

For Gas Operated you will need to get a Propane Adaptor to fill up the mags
Airsoft Innovations has them - They are a Canadian made brand so definitely get those

And Pistol only games are pretty damn fun, you probably already played a few by now and the Beretta M9 duplicate is not a bad choice either.

HFC or KJW duplicates are great for beginners, while their finish may not be 100% they still hold their own

If you are able to find a Tokyo Marui or even a more rare one a Western arms M9 you have pure reliability in your hands

Also if you do get the full auto M9 its fun and all but most full auto M9s tend to break faster if you go full auto too much so most are built for Semi shooting, but thats all you need anyway. As long as you double tap everything is gravy
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