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Originally Posted by Ashton View Post
I think the guys I'm playing with have roughly the same idea -- they want some pistol only games. I was already looking at a Beretta M9 duplicate, so I'll look out for the brands you listed. Ironically I might get the pistol first, since currently pistols are all we've got. I'll need to make a trip down to Victoria or across to Vancouver in order to get age verified, though. I'm currently stuck in Nanaimo, sadly.

Another question: are all pistols gas operated, or are there electric pistols?
Don't get the electric pistol. it's crap except a few made by TM.

Get a decent pistol like steve introduce.

I turn to like pistol but I never carry on the field. I have at least 4 to 5 mag for mostly all pistol that I used to have but none of them never finish 1 mag on the field and not even one kill yet except with my TM M93R.

That's why I stop carry pistol to give me more weight. I turn like to carry some sub-machine gun like Mac 10 or Uzi for backup or MP5K if the field let us carry two AEG.


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