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Sidearms are necessary my friend

Pistols are a must, don't go in battle without a pistol! A pistol is worth the effort it can suit your persona depending on the look and feel you like can match who you are for example if you like killing elephantmen a Desert Eagle is great, or if you want simple and practical a Glock is for you

Pistols are great for when Pistol Only games happen which occur quite a bit in the GTA.

I use to paintball too and even went pistol primary cause it was just so much fun. Still miss my Tiberius

Anyway a Pistol is your friend and your persona in a compact firepower package, get one!

Pistol Brands to look out for

Tokyo Marui or Western Arms - Quite expensive but top notch quality

KSC - A workhorse brand that is definitely for gaming but bear in mind that if a part does break it will be hard to fix it especially the Glock hammer set

KJW - New clear bottom ones have arrived and you should get age verified to know what I mean so you can get them, they are the most affordable and not a bad starter pistol brand to go with

What kind of pistol are you?

Power House - Sig, Deagle
Simple and clean - Glock
The Thug - Beretta M9 (Full auto, often hard to find)
Prize fighter - 1911, or 2011 (most upgradability in looks and in bling)
Cowboy - Revolver

There are more models but those are just the ones I can think off the top of my head
- Pistolero Steve -

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