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1. Can't answer that. But there is an Atantic area groups here on the forum you can check out.

2. If you're mechanically inclined, the Kraken is a decent starter gun, but it's much better as an upgrade platform than a good field gun. A JG will cost more, but you'll have a far higher quality and more reliable gun that can be games with confidence. A Kraken will be hit or miss, but is fairly easy to upgrade to a good gun.

3. Don't know. PM him and ask.

4. Here's how it works. There are real caps which will hold the same number of rounds as the real steel mag. Low caps are generally 50-75 rounds. Micaps are 100-150 rounds. High caps are generally 150+ rounds and require occasional winding to load the BBs up, whereas the other mags are spring-fed.

Some milsim games will have ammo restritions, and some won't allow high caps. Usually, you can carry unlimited real and low cap, a more limited number of mid cap, and if high caps are allowed, you're usually only allowed to carry 1. You'll find the majority of players tend to use low and mid cap mags.

Hope that helps

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