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1) CA, TM are the best bang for your buck.

2) Same deal.

3)Side arm's are not needed at first, really not "necessary" ever, but does come in handy once in a while.

4)Plastic will never be as durable as metal, but it is durable.

5) Yes, but can't name them off the top of my head.

6)Again, TM and CA are the best. G&G are good as well. If you want a cheaper yet good gun to start off with if you don't have the cash, i recommend JG's as well.

Hope that helps, and anyone correct me on anything wrong.
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Is there a Cansoft Banhammer with a clear plastic shaft? And will it be compatible with full metal/wood Banhammers?

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I'm a sniper.

Because I'm fat and can't run fast.
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