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Don't know what the community out there is like so you'll have to wait for others to chime in on how many/often games are.

Most NIB guns come with 1 hi-cap. That's IMO all you really need. I mean if you're using 400 BB's per match (assuming ~20-25 mins per game) then there's something wrong...

You should be looking at getting mid or low caps that way you won't be limited when playing milsims.

Maybe get 1 or 2 more hi-caps but that's all you should really need.

Kraken. OK starter gun but you should have a local gundoc take a look at it and do some maintenance on it for you. There are other options too such as the G&G guns available at Mach1, VelocityArms, 007 etc. Kraken is cheap but you get what you pay for.
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