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The best stuff i have ever used to wire a mechbox is 18g Teflon coated wire, the stuff is used mainly in the aviation industry. The nice thing about the wire is that the insulation is thin yet very hard and durable and it remains in its desired shape. Its actually the stock wireing in many high quality guns.

The worst wire to use in my opinion is silicone wire, its insulation is too thick and its very easy to nick/cut the insulation. Also its very floppy and dosent keep its shape.

Silicone Wire however is the only wire that will work if you want to make a PTW style coiled wire for say a crane stock buffer tube. Simply take 2 strands, wrap them in shrink wrap, then wrap it around a pen and heat the shrink wrap. It will stay coiled like that.

I have seen some really bad wiring jobs, I think most people could benefit from following some simple tips like.

-Dont splice wires unless you absolutely have too, its always better to make a new wire that goes from point A to point B.
-If you do need to splice strip off about 5/8" of insulation and twist the copper to form a solid stand then wrap the wires togeter so the stay inline, solder then shrink-wrap over.
-Use a good soldering iron and keep the tip clean
-Heat the wire and let the solder get drawn in the connection
-Use crimp connectors in this procedure 1. take off plastic piece 2.crimp and solder 3. shrink wrap

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