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Originally Posted by Stocko View Post
To be honest, I got into airsoft without spending more than 200 dollars.

That included my gun(charger, mag, battery too), bbs, goggles, marpat jacket/pants, and boonie(which I still haven't got from Coma).

I understand somepeople URGE others to buy higher brands and such. But then again are you going to play as much? if not why not start out with a broxa or kraken.
Look at it this way:

You get into airsoft, but you buy a brand new 500 dollar high end gun... Turns out you don't like airsoft?

You go on the ASC classifieds and sell said gun for 90% of what you paid for it.

You buy a Broxa or a Kraken and you don't like the sport.... Good luck finding some one to purchase that.
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