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Originally Posted by a1alay66 View Post
so what your saying is im aloud to bring the frame scope and barrel accrost but im not aloud to bring the fireing mechenism accrost right...
Sounds like you intend to smuggle it regardless of what anyone says ... so I don't think is prudent for anyone to give you instructions as to how it can be accomplished.

You are not allowed to import replica firearms into Canada at all unless you are licensed to do so.

It would be pointless to disassemble the gun and leave behind the part that makes it a gun... so obviously that is not your intention.

Asking for advise as to how you can skirt the regulations is not the intended purpose of this site and certainly not the purpose of this section of the forum

Take the advise offered above and purchase the gun already imported... at least that way you won't get nabbed for smuggling.
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