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For most aftermatch gun like AK-47 need to have some upgrade for it shot right.

First, you might consider to change the spring to lower fps to legal use in game, indooe 350 fps and outdoor 400 fps.

Second, you might consider to change the bushing of the gun to keep it last for long.

Third, you might consider to get a good charger and a new battery since those battery and charger on this gun are crap.

Fourth, you might consider to get some low or mid-cap ( recommend ) since I hate people carry hi-cap and act as LMG.

Fifth, you might consider to redo some internal if you want to use for long time but still I wouldn't bother, might use until it's break.

Sixth, you might consider to change upgrade external to full metal or at least, paint the gun. I really hate people carry clearsoft with gangster style.

Seventh, you might consider ask the gun doc close to your area do the job on internal upgrade for you since you are noob. So I don't want to see you make another thread asking for help repair the gun.

Ninth, you might consider to this website, to get along what inside of the gun work and somehow could do by yourself.

Tenth, you should consider to get AV to get high end gun that won't break like two or three ( I'm not talking about people who use kraken for whole season ) they might lucky but it's still hit or miss.


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