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People that shoot back when you yell out "surrender" and they dont go out and they are supposed to

People that are racist to the mexican flag I have on my Multicam shirt

people that complain that it hurts when they get hit

8 year olds that think they will snipe you out with their springer which is the kind you find at big 5 and you are at a CQB field

People that get all of their knowledge from COD4 and paint their M4 red tiger "cuz it friggin pwns!!!"

Lack of finger/trigger discipline

people that keep shooting you even though youve been yelling out hit for the past five minutes

The fact that airsoft is not as developed here in LA as it is everywhere else here

The fact that the store with multiple "Best customer service" awards have unfriendly employees that you would like to hang from the friggin ceiling and torture them punisher with a Popsicle style

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