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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
People thinking the new G&G halfbreeds are significantly better than they are.

It's not that I have an issue per se with clear guns.... more of the fact that more and more people seem to think that because G&G is making halfbreeds, their guns are now amazing quality.

I've seen a ton of threads of recent with people putting G&G guns on the same level as ICS and CA, and a couple on the same level as G&P.

I really wonder how many of those people have actually examined a G&G gun and the CA equivalent. I have. There is no comparison.
You know why people tend to compare the G&G gun to ICS, CA and G&P because since that's the gun, they have right now so people just don't want to turn down or try to regret for what they buy. That's why they mostly try to endure their halfbreed G&G to the same quality as CA, ICS and G&P also somehow TM ( I have more respect for TM since they are mother company so I have high rate to them is the best gun in airsoft even most of their model made from plastic ).

Once you start with the black evil body then you will never go back to halfbreed but maybe grab one for project since it's dirt cheap. It's good for project gun but right now, I would never consider to grab again after the CA metal body sportline coming out and the price are somehow quite good as G&P full metal or better since it's full metal.


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