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Originally Posted by Stocko View Post
To be honest, I got into airsoft without spending more than 200 dollars.

That included my gun(charger, mag, battery too), bbs, goggles, marpat jacket/pants, and boonie(which I still haven't got from Coma).

I understand somepeople URGE others to buy higher brands and such. But then again are you going to play as much? if not why not start out with a broxa or kraken.
I'll leave the gun argument aside, we all know the merits of buying a high end gun over a lower end one (even if I didn't play much, I'd still want a gun that shoots well). Certain things though you really can't skimp on:

-Good battery (the ones that come with cheap guns are crap)
-Good charger (see above)
-Good vest. Cheap vests are exactly that -cheap
-Good boots.
-Good BDU's.
-Good BB's.

It's all those costs that add up in airsoft.. the gun is only part of the equation.

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