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What type? The BEST?


SystemA PTW is like the god of airsoft guns but they go for about $1900+.

Where to get. Well... online or the Classifieds here (must be AV'ed).

Safety requirements:

- Usually on par with paintball fields (if you're playing at a paintball venue).
- PB approved goggles (some dedicated private airsoft fields allow sealed ballistics).

Depends on what distance and weight of BB being used but at the distance I engage at it's comparable to a paintball hit.

SOME GUNS HOWEVER, are upgraded to the tits and used by trusted players who have lots of experience and MED's (Minimum Engagement Distances). If you get hit by one of these in certain areas at or below the MED it will feel like someone threw a rock at you.

You're also outside the newbie tank.... Please post further "newbie question threads" in there.
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