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Originally Posted by Goge View Post
Peeve: waiting all winter to get to summer games then working every weekend summer long >:|

Inviting friends to come try out airsoft to get them into the game. They are excited and ready to play but because they only have civy clouthes they get dirty looks from mil-sim extreamests.

hypocrits who say they hate poeple with $1000 worth of gear then turn around and say high-caps suck. I need a high-cap so I don't have to buy that $1000 worth of kit to cary around all those clips.

Pros: Meeting poeple who aren't on my peeve's list. The people who welcome the new guys we try to bring in. The People like me who are just glad to be playing no matter what kit, gun, or calling you have.
1. have your friends attend a more casual game and not a real milsim op, you wouldn't take all ur ice hockey gear to play ball hockey on the street and vice versa would you?

2. people who say clips instead of mags, one really does not need $1000 worth of gear to carry their mags, a cheap vest or chest rig can cost -$50 and is way better than carrying a tactical maraca and being a mag tickler hehehe

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