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Originally Posted by heavyzero View Post
my pet peeve is when airsofters think the more expensive the gear is, the better i guess we can say soldier. i dont have the best gear myself. but i make the best of my gear. perfect example to justify my quote. look at the U.S in iraq. the americans have all the gadgets bells and whistles. sure the americans can out bomb the iraqis. the hard parts is on the ground though. even though the americans have much better kit on the ground then the iraqis. the iraqis find a way to fight them off with ak's and homeade bombs. dont forget tactics.

"its not the gear that wins, but the brain behind the gear.
The insurgents can't fight off a wet paper bag. They kill US troops with hidden bombs and the occasional sniper ambush. Whenever they try to stand and fight, they die. Quickly.

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