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I can certainly agree with that. This fake blowback action really does nothing for me. I'm all for simplicity as well.

It has no purpose other than to "look good". And quite honestly, I think it looks like ass for the most part. The other blowback designs are relying on the internal action of the cylinder to position the fake bolt carrier. Firing in semi, the mechbox does a full cycle, so the bolt always returns to battery. But if firing in auto and you let go of the trigger in mid-cycle, then the bolt stays cocked back. And I fail to grasp how exposing the side of the mechbox / cylinder - something that REALLY shows it's not a real gun - helps increase the realism factor.

But if they're gonna be making these things, then I think at least G&G seem to be the ones to have the right idea with this using a pneumatic blowback system instead of a mechanical one. For every BB fired, the fake bolt carrier always returns to battery when you release the trigger. At least on the cosmetic aspect, it doesn't look bad. It's still ugly to me, but the design of G&Gs system is its one redeeming factor that at least makes it better than the others.

But I still think it's a useless feature that can only cause complications and possibly parts compatibility issues. As you said, more moving parts means more potential for problems. If the part has no practical use, then I don't want it on my gun.
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