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Originally Posted by Leg1on View Post
Mellow greetings!</Demolition Man>

I'm looking at getting a decently-priced, but still good airsoft gun to get going
Don't think I'll be playing it too frequently (Me = student), so getting a gas-powered or high-end electric might not be such a good idea. I'm thinking maybe a decent spring/electric pistol/SMG/rifle to get things started.
Any recommendations?
Hey Leg1on

I agree that getting a gas powered gun to start off with, especially with infrequent play anyway, is a good plan. GBBs cost alot generally and in my opinion, and only my opinion I think someone starting off should keep it a bit more basic until they find out what style of gun and play they are most interested in. The cost of a AEG to purchase, repair, and/or upgrade is cheaper too, in my experience. If you can, as it has been suggested to people before try and get out to a local airsoft field, meet some folks, get talking, play a game or two and start deciding from there. Depending on where you go you can rent or some players will even let you try there guns out. Regardless, it's a good way to feel your way around. Beside that, as I'm sure you are most aware, get verified. Good grief if I had been verified sooner than I was I could have saved myself a lot of headaches. There are plenty of options in the classified sections for all types/levels of play.

I know "Clearsoft" guns aren't too kindly looked upon here, but would they at least be a starting point until I can get my hands on an actual Airsoft gun, just to get the feel of things?
I live in Burlington, ON and the only place I might know that sells Airsoft is a surplus store in Oakville, and they don't have a ton - not even sure what they charge. Can't think of any actual airsoft dealers in my area.
I may not get a lot of fanmail for saying this - but regardless of peoples thoughts on here about AEGs with clear plastic receivers (keep in mind I'm not talking about CT brand stuff) they are great guns out of the box for starting out with, have comparable internals, and given the right kind of TLC will last you at the very least, long enough until you are ready to upgrade to something else. I own two CanSoft guns (both M4s) from G&G and I'm very happy with them. I also own an AK47 (not cansoft) which I completely ripped apart, upgraded and did a lot of "learning" with too. So I have both types and I would gladly field one of my G&Gs any day along side someone with an all metal or non clear plastic counterpart. To add to that, I think the big issue for many is the fact that the authenticity just isn't there with a clear receiver - granted it doesn't match a full metal version in looks but they still shoot great and are fairly accurate. Case and point - my G&G CQB-R chronos out at 363 on average and shoots straight. That's out of the box untouched. I didn't even need to tweak my hop-up. Anyway I'm starting to go too in-depth on this. I don't know what your price range is, but for example the G&G m4s I keep ranting on about cost between $308.00 - $374.00. Depending on who you know, that price is with taxes. Now if you can afford more than that, I may lean towards getting verified and looking through the classifieds thoroughly.

As for dealers - there are a few that come to mind right away...

Mach1 Airsoft
007 Airsoft

... both carry the cansoft guns at reasonable prices.

Anyway do your research and take your time. If you have any questions this is the place to ask and get answers. Tons of knowledgeable people here with tons know-how and experience.

Good luck.
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