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This is depends a lot on your budget. If you have to stay in the 200 dollar limit there are quite a few options and yes I mean clearsoft as well. Just like the real things, there are no bad airsoft guns, just bad people who use them. You can expect to get what you paid for so buying the cheapest thing and expecting it to perform without flaw is not a realistic expectation. There are some good on line options around that price range. I'm not telling you what to buy, but rather suggesting you buy what you want and can afford and don't worry about what other people say. I've been hit by a 7 grand PTW and a 50 dollar Palco springer and to be honest, they both hurt about the same. If you're good, your'e good and spending a lot of money won't make a big difference. Be advised the real money goes out to gear and mags and all kinds of other crap.
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