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Go to Costco and get a palate of KD (or Mr. Noodle, whichever is cheaper) first....

Go to the regional section of this forum and see if there are any games being held in your area. Ask if you can rent/borrow a gun for a day or spectate and go to a game. While at the game ask really nicely if you can touch/shoot some of the other players guns (ask first, you don't want to be grabbing someones $5000 gun and them getting angry).

The Aftermath Kraken and Broxa are pretty good starter platforms.... They go for around $120 and $180 respectively. They aren't GREAT guns but should be fieldable after some preventative maintenance on some cheap parts.

DO NOT GO TO CANADIAN TIRE AND GET THE "CRAPSOFT". Those are the ones we don't look too kindly upon. Anything else is pretty much good (eg. the G&G "Cansoft" line with clear lowers (or as I like to call them "active camo") .

If you are willing to step it up a bit then the G&G cansoft guns are where "it's at". There are G&G Combat Machine and regular G&G lines out in Canada with smoked and clear receivers respectively. The combat machine line is made of cheaper materials and goes for around $300-400 depending on the model while the regular G&G go for between 450-550 IIRC.

If you're looking at getting "black" guns (metal receivers) then get AV'ed. It's as simple as meeting with a local AV rep and showing some ID (proving you're 18+). Read the Age Verification FAQ for more info and to get a list of local area reps. After that you'll get access to the classifieds section of the forum and it is literally like a candy shop. You can get used guns, upgraded guns, and pretty much anything you want if you have the money and patience to wait for something you like to pop up.
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