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VSR-10 Pros and Cons:

-hop-up easy to adjust
-plenty of after market parts
-Can be EASLY modded into a C3A1(CF sniper rifle), M700,or M40

-cheep feel
-needs plenty of work (may need to put up to $1,000 into the gun to make it good)

L96 Pros and Cons:

-More weight tha VSR-10 (good and bad)
-OK feel
-bolt is awesome, much easer to slide back then VSR-10
-Overall look
-Great for British loadout

-Hop-up in horrible place
-More weight than VSR-10
-few after market parts (that I know of)

I shot both guns from, both are good and bad in there own way. Its your own choice.


OR, go for an AEG! Im 14 aswell, and the sniper rifle was the DUMBEST idea to get ever. If you are looking for accuracy, than be prepaired to drop some serious cash. If you want OK accuracy, a good ROF, and to save a few hundred dollars, than an AEG is the way to go. But again, if you choose to blow $200.00-$400.00 + $600.00-$1000.00 for upgrades out the window on a sniper rifle, be my guest. Trust me, everyone here says an AEG is a GREAT beginners weapon. The Kraken AK-47 is great to start with. Great up-grade platform and you couldn't believe the shit people have put into thoes things.
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