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Getting Started

Mellow greetings!</Demolition Man>

I'm looking at getting a decently-priced, but still good airsoft gun to get going
Don't think I'll be playing it too frequently (Me = student), so getting a gas-powered or high-end electric might not be such a good idea. I'm thinking maybe a decent spring/electric pistol/SMG/rifle to get things started.
Any recommendations?

I know "Clearsoft" guns aren't too kindly looked upon here, but would they at least be a starting point until I can get my hands on an actual Airsoft gun, just to get the feel of things?
I live in Burlington, ON and the only place I might know that sells Airsoft is a surplus store in Oakville, and they don't have a ton - not even sure what they charge. Can't think of any actual airsoft dealers in my area.

Thanks, and peace.
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