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Yeah... you're probably better off getting someything like an Anschutz air rifle and shooting popcans in your backyard or whatever.

Air Rifle > Airsoft when you care about accuracy, and range.

Say what you want about the Anschutz x00x rifles but I think they're sexy (if we're talking about ISSF shooting, otherwise they're ugly and useless for "practical shooting").

Buyairsoft hasn't restocked those in a while... Also you're going to have to sink A LOT of money into a sniper rifle to make it remotely field worthy. PLUS you're not allowed to play in a sniper role till you've proved yourself (for most clubs) and taken "sniper safety courses" (offered by some clubs to keep the game safe, you don't want a rifle shooting at 475 hitting you at < 30ft...).

Point is. First get a platform that you can play as a DMR (eg. M14) and when you gain the trust of other players in the area pin it to single shot only and upgrade it to a sniper rifle.

EDIT: The VSR is probably the one you should be looking at just because of the parts available for it. It's kind of like the AR15 or 1911, everyone makes accessories for them and parts are common everywhere (Check out some IPSC 1911's if you don't believe me).
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