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Originally Posted by Corleone View Post
I convinced a friend of mine to get the Echo1 P90 from UNcompany. We both had the TM P90 (RDS) versions beforehand, and I badly regretted giving him that advice! For more info about the Echo1 disaster-P90, look here. I was meaning to write a review with pictures and everything, but I'm both busy and lazy

That's a review for the ACM P90. From what I've been gathering online to date, the E1 and ACM are NOT the same gun, but rather the ACM is a poor copy of the E1.

I can guarantee that my E90 has none of the problems listed in this review. Casting of the metal upper is of excellent quality and is as straight and precise as it should be. Everything is straight, lines up well, and fits together as it should. There are no wobbles, loose parts, etc. This is a solid, well built gun.

I had a chance to give it a side by side comparison to 2 TMs at a game a couple of weeks ago. I'll conceed the TM has higher quality ABS in the main body, although I like the more textured feel / lower shine of the Echo 1. And of course, the TM has all the correct FN trademarks and such, which the Echo 1 lacks. But if that's really an issue to anyway, you can legally import a TM plastic lower for really cheap, and the E1 receiver slides right on to the TM body effortlessly.

Otherwise though, if I had the choice of a brand new TM or E1 for the same price, I would still pick the E1 hands down.
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