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I know you get the idea, but to hammer it in...

There is a bylaw in place which bans discharging of any air gun on "public land". Airguns include airsoft, pellet guns, BB guns, air rifles (.177 cal), etc.

SO you could be looking at breaking the law by discharging an airgun in places like the streets, parks, playgrounds, etc.

Mini or not you're still breaking city bylaws doing so.

I'm not knowledgeable all the laws governing discharging of air guns, but I'd assume if you're shooting pop cans in your back yard with a daisy air rifle (or something that's obviously for "olympic" air gun shooting) you **should** be safe as long as you have a back stop, are doing it in a safe way and inform your neighbours that you're going to be shooting pop cans in your backyard.
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