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I'd say get a Jing gong SIG 552, cause it's cheap and good, and because you WILL eventually have to up opening it, and replace parts. It's the nature of airsoft. Of course the VFC can last you a long time. A friend of mine has a VFC HK 416, but even that one had it's piston break after half a season (he's way trigger happy ). As already mentioned that v2 will also break after a while, while the v3 gearbox in the SIG will last you a long, long time. As someone else also mentioned, get the MAG 100 capacity magazines. They sell for 18 USD a paid. I also found some great mag pouches that can hold a pair clipped together. Beware though, cause the nobs connecting the mags together aren't that strong. DO NOT clip more than two together! They just can't take the strain. I also "reinforced" them by placing some hard foam between the mags, so they wouldn't move and creak as much as they do without.

Now that bad news about the SIG from JG:
- It's a nightmare to disassemble/assemble! Of course I'm quite spoiled with my P90, but still it's a lot of fooling around until you've stripped it down to the gearbox. What can be done to remedy this? Get the new SIG 552 from ICS! It's so easy to open I get wet in my pants, but it also costs 300-ish USD+shipping, while the JG will only cost 72 USD at UNcompany.
- It shoots too hard. Mine peaks at 407 FPS! o.0 Sadly the FPS is VERY inconsistent. It's shooting anywhere from 370ish-407, but 380-390 more than other speeds.
- It can't hold big batteries, and if you're not handy at all, it won't fit a small size lipo either.
- Trigger burns down fast, but a mosfet will fix that, and what a ROF you get from that! ^_^
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