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Originally Posted by Daiviet View Post
...The main reason I sold it? Mag choices. Only left with the 68 rnd mags which weren't that easy to get because of fake rounds, or the high caps which were complete garbage...
Actually there's a fix for the P90 hicaps. I found out more or less by accident last fall. I was messing around with my jamming hicaps, and tried out G&G P.S.B.B. 5.95mm BBs, and me and a friend played a whole day without any jams! Up until then we both had problems with both our hicaps (2x each). After that only occasional jams when it's VERY cold \^_^/ I also tried out many of the mods found on the net, but they didn't work, and thus was removed afterwards. Of course you need to keep the mags lubed aswell.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I've had limited hands-on time with the TM and never got to give them a side-by-side review. I remember the TM looking great, but being very lightweight and really feeling like a toy (which it is, technically).
The Marui weighs about 2.2kg, and even more with batteries. The RS version weighs 2.54kg without ammo, and 3kg with ammo. This is even if the RS version has a metal upper receiver, while the TM one only has a plastic one. The RDS, Gearbox and battery is what really gives the TM gun it's close-to-realistic weight, while the RS P90 is quite a simpler design. It's prolly way more hollow inside than the TM.

I might also add that the TM lower has way better plastic quality compared to the Echo1 P90


I convinced a friend of mine to get the Echo1 P90 from UNcompany. We both had the TM P90 (RDS) versions beforehand, and I badly regretted giving him that advice! For more info about the Echo1 disaster-P90, look here. I was meaning to write a review with pictures and everything, but I'm both busy and lazy

What I can say, is that seeing the Echo1 P90 made us both agree that the TM P90 was worth every single penny we had spent on it! Of course we got our guns from UNcompany, but I'm not sure if it's that easy to import guns on your own into Canada. They sure are cheaper than $500-600
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