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Originally Posted by winterMOO View Post
hey all! great forum here - stumbling across this actually peaked my interest, and subsequent purchase of my first AEG.. (i've had a TM spring handgun for years now, just for dickin' around with targets)

my question.. i am VERY curious how the games work? teams? does one "die" when hit? is getting hit arguable (tiny white bb in a field of people running around, hard to see/verify)? do you limit ammo mags to realistic amounts, instead of the 60 bb's etc?

i'd be curious to check one out - are they keen on spectators?

also, i've been going through the noob stickies - very helpful. is there any kind of glossary i can read up on? most things i understand - but "brushings" and some of the part names go way over my head at the moment.

anyway, some info would be appreciated. in my time between jobs i try to read as much as i can on here.

Welcome and congrats on the new gun.

When you get hit, you're out/dead. We play with an honour system that relies on both parties to be honest and take a hit/call someone hit regardless who's right. Some hits are somewhat arguable but it's not really worth the time spent on it. I've had my moments where I just got into position and I feel a fly or something on my leg. I look down and I'm being lit up with BB's.

Some games are milsim and have ammo caps on a point system, but all games are different.

You are welcome to come check out a game. There are several big games over the next few weeks. Some are milsim and others are theme based. I can't speak for the others, but you'd be more than welcome to come check out Salvation. If you are interested in taking pictures and or video, you can be out on the field almost the entire time. Let me know and we'll make arrangements.

If you're 18+ you should consider getting age verified at an event and molest some high end toys. If you ask, most people will let you get a feel for them. Some might even let you shoot some on the field too. Great way to get your feet wet in airsoft by talking to people at a game.

brushings are bushings. little round metal bits that keep the gears lined up and away from the mechbox. But don't worry too much about that just yet.
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