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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
D_Rastaman,the upper of an M4/M16 can be imported, not the lower.
Thanks for telling them. lol
I still wouldn't be comfortable with that gamble. It looks evil, so they seize it and give you hell. Laws don't apply....CBSA is fucking god.

As someone already stated, importing a gearbox is more of a display of legitimate use. Who the hell would spend hundreds on a gearbox to put in a gun to rob a corner store? And if you just want to do drive bys and shoot stuff like an idiot, pellet guns are more powerful, accurate and cheaper annnnd easier to get.

They seriously need to develope a licence or something.... Yeah yeah, I know, then they'd tax the fuck out of it. Which is ridiculous as the number of airsofters in Canada is like what? Just barely over the 4 figure mark? If that....
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