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just getting started - question about events

hey all! great forum here - stumbling across this actually peaked my interest, and subsequent purchase of my first AEG.. (i've had a TM spring handgun for years now, just for dickin' around with targets)

my question.. i am VERY curious how the games work? teams? does one "die" when hit? is getting hit arguable (tiny white bb in a field of people running around, hard to see/verify)? do you limit ammo mags to realistic amounts, instead of the 60 bb's etc?

i'd be curious to check one out - are they keen on spectators?

also, i've been going through the noob stickies - very helpful. is there any kind of glossary i can read up on? most things i understand - but "brushings" and some of the part names go way over my head at the moment.

anyway, some info would be appreciated. in my time between jobs i try to read as much as i can on here.

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