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First, there's nothing to "pardon". Your gun got seized, and end of story. And no, 007 doesn't sell all black guns to the public, just ones with clear receivers, and you can import those yourself if you can find them outside of Canada.

As for a PAL, it means jack shit when it comes to prohibited items. You should perhaps read the Big Ol' Airsoft Q&A thread. It'll answer a lot of your questions before you even need to ask them.

Airsoft Canada
I understand, I wish found that thread last year when i ordered this gun. I know PAL doesnt entitle me to import airsoft. But i was hoping that it would help my credibility to the case. I mean logisitically it really doesnt make sence that someone whos entittled to handle real guns isnt allowed to have a toy gun.

As for 007airsoft, the HI KAPA, the EXACT same model, is being sold, as matter of fact 007airsoft is taking pre orders now. link is right here:

For some reason only KJW gas guns are shown as CANADA legal, where as the rest: Marui, WA etc are all not. Any ideas?

On the other hand, if 007 doesnt have the all black metal guns, where can i get them in Canada? I see you have quite a few nice pieces from your signature, how did you get them?
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