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Originally Posted by cebolao View Post
Hey guys, I know there's a detailed blog highlighting everything about ordering guns from hongkong, how they are prohibited since they are classified as replicas and how they will get seized.

Well unfornunatelly I only came across that thread after I got the letter from CBSA. Yes I know, dumb on my part to do it.

Now since this is already happend, I was wondering if anyone has any past experience, or are aware of some kinda precedence, that's on reccord, where someone got a pardon for this?

I am thinking about reasoning in the following way:
1. I do have a PAL for firearms
2. the exact same gun can be bought off calcary based 007airsof ( yes i know just becasue its sold there doesnt mean i can import it, but would this carry any weight to my argument?)

Given this was my first infraction and it was a honest mistake, is there any way to get them to give me a pardom for this?

Any help would be really apreciated it.

No, not possible.

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