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Originally Posted by iamyou View Post
I would laugh over the airsoft law here...
Those who know what AEGs or GBBs can do would never put it up on the street.
The thing is simple. Would you point a realistic looking toy gun to an officer while he points a real stuff at you? You wanna give him a 6mm bb while he returns the favor with a 9mm? That's just insane. Those news of guy taking the convenient stores with toy guns, that's just nuts and you can never do anything with nuts cuz they just happen...
The fact that there are people that DO use replica firearms to hold up convenience stores and the like is the very reason the laws became as they are today.

Granted, the gangs in major urban centers probably don't, as they have their "rep" to think about. The wannabes and crackheads are a different story.

The CBSA has a job to do, and as much as it impedes us we have to accept it because it isn't going to change anytime soon. Just be thankful that we can still get our parts and accessories.....for now.
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