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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
The CBSA should just be mad to actually operate within the bounds of law and....general sanity. A mechbox is not only a paper weight without a toy gun to put it in, but it's also not even applicable to any other situation in life. WTF else could you do with it.... It's the most toyish part of a bigger toy.

They should actually make their employees informed to laws such as those to do with firearms. If recievers are illegal fine. Again, I put $100 on the line that says if I ordered and AEG and had everything shipped, but reciever, it'd be siezed....because it looks scary and the seizee knows nothing about firearms.

Anyway, fight for things that get seized that have no history of being seized before. It's an attack on our rights and freedoms.
very true, the fact that the gearbox is actually the internal parts of the gun means that the person importing it is actually planning on using the gun for what it was intended to and not as a "Scary assault rifle machine gun" for sticking up convenience stores, which is what their real job is to prevent.
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