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I thought AK 47's were chambered in 7.62x51 for a while (NATO round), that never actually made sense to me - till just now.... I just looked it up and they are chambered for 7.62 but 7.62x39.

As for AK74 I thought they were chambered in 5.56 for a while but I just found out that they're chambered in a weird proprietary round size (5.45x39).

As for the OP: Aftermath Kraken.

Seriously, if you're in the CF you get subsidized housing, subsidized living/clothing, food, weekend pay (for your Exercises), and your pay on top of that... I think you can spend the $300 to get an M4 from 007, PLUS IIRC they have Diemaco (Colt Canada) trades on them (the "regular G&G" line not the "Combat Machine" ones).
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