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Originally Posted by xPhuong View Post
How much longer till it will be released?
No one knows neither does Canada Post sadly its the truth, they will just give you an estimate.

The only way to know is perhaps wait one more week, if it still does not arrive that means that it literally was forgotten by the employees in Customs, it happens once in awhile especially at a time like now as new CBSA recruits have been hired and may sometimes fumble.

From there you will have to send a tracer which means asking ebaybanned to call CanadaPost with your tracking number and ask for the package to be traced. From that point if the package was not destroyed then you get it in a certain amount of time (No one knows its VERY variable). If the package is destroyed then you can claim insurance.

This happen to me twice on mundane non-restricted items, don't worry too much and don't go guns blazing and freak out at Canada Post or ebaybanned a few kind emails should help, if no replies then you can go guns blazing.
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