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Well, guess what? I washed my 0.30g and my 0.36g BBs (warm water, dishsoap, rinsed and left to dry), installed a Guarder Clear rubber in my M24, found my fps to sit right around 400fps (which was perfect due to a game I had on Saturday, largely close quarters stuff, sniper rifle limit was 400fps w/0.20g), and found with full hop up prior to game, I could easily get my 0.36g out to 200ft and even able to plop many of them into a ~18" hole into the big white barrel things I was shooting at. So nutshell, we're talking a 0.36g BB travelling around 300fps and giving me really good range and consistancy, even in mild gusting winds.

I'lll have to post this up in a separate thread just to bring it to other's attention, high fps doesn't necessarily mean extra range. Am going to likely keep my M24 set up this way because I loved the way it shoot last game (was a tack driver!) Best part about having it set to 400fps is I can shoot guys at closer ranges, like 60ft, as long as I can plant the round on webbing or a pouch, which is easy. Oh ya, I have my scope set high, so point of impact is around 120-130ft, but inside of that the rounds hit high. Remember shooting a guy the other night about 100ft away, I aimed for his vest around the left nipple (he was partially facing away) and my BB hit him in the upper arm, I saw his fleece get tugged up there.

So overall before and during this game, I must have shot an easy 150 rounds (am sure quite a few guys didn't call the hit, no way I was missing at 100-140ft), and even with a dirty tightbore, I was still able to clear my last shot in the staging area on the range, 2ft x 2ft steel plate about 180ft away (in the dark with a non-illuminated scope) same as I had done pre-game.

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