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JG Sig 552 Seal vs. JG MP5 RAS Navy

YouTube - Review of the SIG Licensed, JG SIG 552

YouTube - Review of the JG RAS MP5 SMG

Im new to airsoft and this will be my first gun. Found some info on internet, but i still cant decide between this two guns.

Here are some of my thoughts about guns:

-Mp5 is full metal; nice exterior, interior can brake after some time but i can repair/change/modify and after some time it will make great secondary wepon. (will it last a year of weekend gaming?)
-Sig 552 is plastic, but beter interior (gearbox v3). Plastic gives it nice maneverabiliti, but it stil plastic. (im not sure if this is problem at all...)

Im not sure about accuracy. I want to play inside and in woods. Anyone have any idea how accurate is Mp5 (compared to Sig 552, g36c, etc.)

I want to start playing so please help me decide.
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