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Originally Posted by notom66866 View Post
Thanks man, oh ya where did you get pegs?
I had them for a long time. I used leftovers from another pegboard project to build this. I don't remember for sure where I got the pegs, but either Canadian Tire or Home Depot. They both carry them.

Originally Posted by j3anius View Post
If your place has dry wall, I suggest you look for the studs and screw the screws in there.
+1. I screwed 1 1x1 into a stud, but had to use drywall anchors to secure the other 2, since they didn't line up with the studs. I installed mine vertically though because of the orientation of the pegboard in the closet. It's best if you can put the mounts horizontally so you can screw them right into the studs.
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