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Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
tm is the lamborghini of cars. in airsoft its the king why would anyother say TM-compatable because tm parts will last you a long time. I beleve another reason why TM's fps is low is because they play alot of cqb. In otherwords Tm is basically maxed as hear we need more fps because more outdoor enviorments are present. My advice is buy a Tm and buy a spring that gives you 350 fps so you can do indoor and outdoor.
TM shoot at 280 because of Japanese law. No other reason.

And TM internals are good. They still only have plastic bodies, and most people would put CA, G&P, ICS (real ones, not halfbreeds), VFC, and Ares above TM.

the only gun i have experiance is with JG m4's but being a noob sort of speak. You are game ready out of the box. I think im lucky but i don't need to adjust the hopup on mine 0.2 they fly straight and within my iron sites for a good 100ft+
Remember, the hop-up is your friend. And switch to 0.28g for outdoor play. Believe me, you'll love the result.

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