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Which Gun Uses Which Mechbox?

Now, I searched around for a bit and didn't find any threads on this so here we go. I didn't know exactly where to post this, so mods feel free to move wherever or just yell "Repost!" and put in the appropriate link.

I've seen a few "what mechbox does my gun use?" questions, and I know a few people have probably thought "I wonder what guns use a (insert version) mechbox?" I stole and modified this list from, and hopefully we can fill it in and flesh it out.

Version 1 Mechbox: FA-MAS Series, L85 (V1 hybrid)

Version 2 Mechbox: Armalite Series (M4, M16, etc.), Some SR25s ("extended" V2) , G3 series, MP5 series except for MP5K

Version 3 Mechbox: G36 series, SIG series, AK series, AUG series, UMP, MP5K and MP5K-PDW, MP40

Version 4 Mechbox: PSG-1

Version 5 Mechbox: UZI

Version 6 Mechbox: M1A1, P90, P90 TR

Version 7 Mechbox: M14

Version 8 Mexhbox: TM Type 89

Most M249s use their own mechbox. (Ver 249? )

Any input will be edited into the original post. Thanks for the help and/or "REPOST!" and link.

Also, I didn't know ver.4 and 5 existed. Learn something new every day....
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