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Originally Posted by Speirs101 View Post
teenagers today drink less, smoke less and have sex less. I was like huh? lol.
I can't speak for a lot of the youth today, but when I was <20, I spent a lot of time drinking, smoking and sexing the ladies, and still found time to do some pretty stupid stuff. So for someone to say they are doing it less... well to be honest, I don't think anyone could have done more than me so... less or equal to is the only option. With the advent of the internet and video games, less is more likely.

I also hung around with the dumbest of the dumb who would have probably tried something like this. I didn't blame their parents and I never thought society should be held responsible either, they were just plain and simply stupid as yogurt. Typically Darwinism will take care of most of them as time goes on and the remainder you just try to avoid and hope they don't represent you or your hobby as this idiot did.
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