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I am eventually gonna want 2 things out of my AEG.

1) The best balance between effective range, accuracy and brush penetration I can while running the minumum FPS/Joules to get that job done. The comments about "Matrix dodges" have been taken to heart.

2) Durability. After reading the forums and checking out some videos on, I have come to the conclusion that if i am going to open my mechbox to do a spring upgrade, I will probably just get myself a modify tune up kit or something similar and just do the whole thing up right. Since im not looking for stupidly powerfull upgrades, im guessing i can get away with not upgrading to a reenforced mechbox. I know there is always a chance things could break anyways, but Id be more than a little upset at myself if they broke becasue I slacked off / cheaped out.

Speaking of durability, how much do metal bodies ( assuming they aren't made of monkey metal ) improve durability? I'm leaning towards an M4 of some kind and having a 2 part plastic receiver held together with 2 pins kinda scares me. I'm not looking to buy till i get AV'd and can check out everything available to me, but i do want to go into AV'd land with my head on straight.

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