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If you are interested in using this websites classified sections then you look into aquiring this websites age verifacation. Airsoft Canada
Once that is completed you will be granted access to this websites buy and sell where you may find a reciever you would be interested in. Prices vary from seller to seller and prices are a fair bit higher than those that we see over seas but its one of the only options in Canada at the moment for aquiring a reciever in country. Due to the nature of airsoft and other items deemed to be replicas in Canada, prices will be substantially higher, but that is to reflect the difficulty of aquiring them due to the special licensing that is required to bring an item such as a reciever into country.

Ive edited your post and any quotings of your initial post to remove your personal info and contact information. Please review our rules and policies as it is a violation to post a request to purchase parts on our website without age verfacation.

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