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Question recievers, recievers,where do i get metal recievers without taking out a second morgatge

hello there canadian airsofters i was just wondering if there is a way to get a ar-15/m4a1 metal u/l recievers without paying all out doors ive alreadt put out over a grand on a few of my guns and foolishly attemted to bring in some trying the hit and miss technique through customs from (wrong) customs siezed every one i can get anything else but the recievers at a fraction of the cost the reciever im looking for is the stoner sr25 i find it sad that our government treats us like little kids im 40 years old and cant buy certain items for my aeg's but if your in a bussiness you can purchase them over seas for around 50.90 us u/l and sell them to your citizens for 200-300 dollars what a bunch of money hungry hippocrits.

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